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Logan Paul’s brother Jake Paul has pulled a playful prank on the newly engaged couple and tested a diamond validity of the diamond ring. Who is Jake and Logan Paul? What is the prank is all about? Here is everything you wanted to know.

One of the well-known American internet personalities Logan Paul, a YouTuber, actor, and boxer, rose the fame with his humorous vlogs and funny video and vines on social media platforms like Vine and YouTube. Recently, Logan got engaged to his girlfriend, Nina, and he proposed to her with a diamond ring.

Logan’s younger brother Jake is also a professional boxer and Youtuber who currently has 20.4 million subscribers on YouTube. The boxer was also featured in Disney’s ” Bizaardvark ” series and played the character called “Dirk Mann” for two seasons.

If you talk about Logan is also YouTuber, internet personality, and professional wrestler who has around 23.6 million subscribers on YouTube. Recently, the YouTuber got engaged to his girlfriend, Nina Agdal, who is a Model, and he shared a proposal video on his channel called “I Got Engaged”. The duo also shared their engagement pictures via Instagram.

Well, It all started when Jake Paul came to congratulate his brother and his fiancé Nina. Later he took out a diamond tester to check the validity of the diamond ring. The YouTuber pranked the newly engaged with a false alarm sound from the tester.

Initially, the prank confused Logan, and he wanted to check if he got scammed. So, his brother pulled out a prank once again. At last, Jake admitted his prank and said their engagement ring’s diamond was real.

YouTuber Jake Paul Pulls a Prank on His Brother Logan Paul's Diamond Engagement Ring.
Logan Paul and his fiancé Nina Agdal (Credits: FirstSportz)

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Jake Paul Successfully Pranked Logan and his Fiancé Nina Agdal

The younger brother Jake got excited as he got to know about his sibling’s engagement, and he couldn’t try to hold onto playing a mischievous prank on the couple. The boxer first asked his brother’s fiancé if he could see the $1 million worth diamond of engagement ring.

Then quickly took his diamond tester and placed it on the ring (Which had a false alarm). ‘The Problem Child’ seemed nervous as the lights on the device started going off. The Younger sibling pulled off his acting skill in the prank by pretending to be shocked.

As usual, the couple’s reaction was in a confused state, and Nina asked her fiancé that “Did you (Logan Paul) get me (Nina Adgal) a glass ring?” Later Jake took the device and revealed that it was a prank and the diamond was real. Whereas the YouTuber cum boxer has expressed his reaction to Logan’s engagement, Jake claimed that he never imagined his brother (Logan Paul) getting hitched and said he was happy for him.

YouTuber Jake Paul Pulls a Prank on His Brother Logan Paul's Diamond Engagement Ring.
Still from Jake Paul’s prank Video (Credits: YouTube)

The boxer said in a recent episode of the BS w/ Jake Paul, “That’s fun #king crazy; I (Jake) never thought Logan would get engaged.

I didn’t think he (Logan Paul) would ever get married. Do you know Why? There was a time where I don’t think you saw him as much down here in Puerto Rico where he(Logan Paul) was like hopeless.”

Overall, the Paul brothers maintained a strong relationship with each other, have always been together in thick and thin, and rose to fame together. They both faced struggles in their lives, but the brother never left each other side in their ups and downs.

However, Jake is all set to fight against Nate Diaz in the upcoming days. It is already scheduled for ten rounds, and it will be the debut of Diaz. Although, Jake lost the match against Tommy in February. Now, the boxer is making his way to bounce back in a big way.

The brothers are often seen showering their supporting hands on each other. We hope their relationship may stay for their lifetime. Also, a big congratulations to the newly engaged couple. Well, if you need some laughter on above the prank, check out Jake’s new video under the title “Diamond Testing Logan’s $1m Engagement Ring (awkward).”

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