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Kraven the Hunter star Aaron Taylor Johnson dodges more questions about whether or not he’ll play James Bond.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, James Bond, Kraven the Hunter

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been a favourite to take over the role of James Bond, reportedly even meeting with franchise producer Barbara Broccoli, but he naturally can’t confirm or deny any of the rumours.

While speaking with Vanity Fair, Aaron Taylor-Johnson dodged yet another question regarding James Bond. “As I’ve already told you, I have to go by the beat of my own drum,” Taylor-Johnson said. “It’s my own path, what feels intuitive to me. I’ve never made a decision based on other people’s perspectives, or their judgments, or their expectations. You lose your f**king mind if you do that. Your sense of worth and soul is gone. You need to understand what is integral to you and what feels right, and you’ve got to stay on track with what’s present in front of you. Kraven is what’s in front of me.” As for whether he would be game to play the iconic secret agent, the actor once again played coy. “I just focus on the things I can have in my hands right now,” he said. “What’s in front of me right now.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has previously called rumours that he would be the next James Bond “flattering” but wouldn’t confirm or deny anything. Whoever winds up taking on the mantle of Bond will find themselves attached to the franchise for the next decade, which can be challenging for some. The actor’s attitude towards his other franchise, Kraven the Hunter, could provide an insight into how he would approach Bond. “You can’t step into this role, you can’t step into what this franchise is, with a f**king half-assed, Let’s see how it goes attitude,” Taylor-Johnson said of Kraven.You have to be mentally prepared for what could come with that. I think I’m secure in my life now to know that I’m happy to deal with that. I don’t think I was probably ready to invite that into my life earlier on.

Kraven the Hunter will bring Aaron Taylor-Johnson into Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. The R-rated film was slated to hit theaters later this year but was recently pushed back to an August 30, 2024 release.

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