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The world lost Bray Wyatt this week, and it is still hard to come to grips with that reality. As old interviews are resurfacing, some of them speak volumes for the legacy that Bray Wyatt knew he already left in the pro wrestling business. Sadly, there were also so many stories left to tell.

Bray Wyatt and LA Knight lit up the Alamodome in a Pitch Black match at the 2023 Royal Rumble event. After the show, they did a press conference, and Wyatt was there, complete with a black light entrance. During that time, Bray Wyatt was asked about the teases Alexa Bliss was receiving during that time that a reunion between the two could be on the horizon.

“Well, I think me and Alexa are kind of connected forever. That’s just the way it’s gone. Where it leads, I don’t know. There will be something at some point, and it will be memorable.”

Sadly, that reunion with Alexa Bliss will not happen in WWE. Bray Wyatt’s passing hit the entire pro wrestling world like a ton of bricks, and Alexa Bliss has posted a couple of times about this devastating loss.

As Ringside News exclusively reported, there were plans for WWE to introduce a new Wyatt Family. A tenured source in the creative team confirmed to us that, “They were for Bray and Bo Dallas (as Uncle Howdy). Eric Young was under consideration. There were also pitches for Alexa Bliss to join before her maternity leave, which were nixed when it was obvious she wouldn’t be around for all of 2023.”

Alexa Bliss tweeted out a photo of herself alongside Bray Wyatt in his burned Fiend getup with a caption that said, “I’m just in shock. Extremely heart broken And at a loss for words. What I can say is what an amazing human being Windham is. An Amazing & kind friend. one of the most creative minds to ever walk this earth. Windham, you’ve brought so much joy and happiness to everyone around you. It’s going to take me some time to really process this. Sending my love to the Rotunda Family, Jojo & their babies. We love you, Windham.”

Tributes for Bray Wyatt are still coming in, and WWE will likely do something very special for him tonight. As we previously reported, all plans for SmackDown are seemingly scrapped as they hit pause on everything.

We are sending out our best to JoJo Offerman, Bray Wyatt’s children, and his family during this sad time. It’s unbelievable that Bray Wyatt was taken from this world so soon, but his legend will never fade.

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Transcription by Ringside News

By Sandra Winters

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