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LA Knight made a big impression on the WWE Universe in 2023. His star continues to rise, and he’s also bringing in sponsorship money at this point with the Slim Jim deal. That attention has also helped him chart big time on WWE’s sales list as well.

The discussion surrounding WWE’s top merchandise sellers has been a hot topic, and it usually is. Sean Sapp reported some insights behind Fightful’s paywall from recent live event sales listings. There are some big names making huge money on that list.

Cody Rhodes has consistently occupied the top spot on several of these lists, frequently boasting multiple items within the top five rankings. This really comes as no surprise for the American Nightmare.

A notable shift in the landscape was triggered by the separation of The Bloodline faction, which previously led to combined sales. This bundle typically encompassed merchandise for Roman Reigns, the Usos, and the entire Bloodline collective. With their distinct merch now separate, the Usos have remarkably excelled, surpassing all other talents in sales except for Cody Rhodes. Since the Bloodline is no longer combined into one slot, they are no longer on top.

Seth Rollins is a familiar name that recurrently surfaces within the top 5 rankings. Additionally, both Roman Reigns and Rhea Ripley have made appearances in lists we’ve reviewed.

Predictably, generic WWE merchandise remains a consistent chart-topper. This category encompasses items such as title belts, tour shirts, and similar items. Of particular note are the substantial sales of toy title belts. Furthermore, Cody Rhodes’ weight belts and the Usos’ “We The Ones” shirts have emerged as significant contributors to WWE’s robust merchandise sales.

The report also made a very special note to mention LA Knight, who is now ranking among some top names in WWE.

For those asking about LA Knight, we’re told that a major portion of his sales come digitally via the partnership with third party outlets. On those lists, we’re told that Knight has individual shirts that are right up there with Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns. However, the lists we often see emerge from the best sellers aspect doesn’t factor in live events, where Cody, Roman and the names mentioned above see their merchandise move heavily. In fact, we’d learned that there was a point of contention internally recently regarding the lack of merchandise for LA Knight at certain live shows of late.

LA Knight worked for years to make his way to WWE, and that effort paid off. He is now a bona fide WWE Superstar, and gaining a lot of momentum as he goes.

LA Knight has a lot of things going for him, including catchphrases that he has been using for years. It will be interesting to see how this situation pans out, because he’s been saying “Lemma talk to ya” and “YEAH” for a lot longer than he’s been with WWE. Only time will tell if WWE lets him bring the DUMMY catchphrase back, because he’s teased it in the past.

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By Sandra Winters

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