Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Jilian Medford’s project Ian Sweet has announced a new album called Sucker. It’s due out November 3 via Polyvinyl. She also shared a video for its first single “Your Spit,” featuring cameos from Saturday Night Live cast members Sarah Sherman and Martin Herlihy, as well as members of Nation of Language. Check out Sucker’s album art and full track list, as well as the Brittany Reeber-directed video for “Your Spit” below.

Of the new song, Medford said in a statement: “‘Your Spit’ is about the joy and fear that surrounds new relationships. The excitement that’s also accompanied by doubt. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say the song is just mostly about making out.”

Medford started working on Sucker in the fall of 2022 at an artist residency at The Outlier
Inn in Los Angeles. She then worked on the demos with co-producers Alex Craig and Strange Ranger’s Isaac Eiger, as well as mixing engineer Al Carlson. Of the process, she said: “I was feeling very stuck in L.A. and was trying to get comfortable with spending more time alone again. I went there not knowing exactly what I wanted to do or make, but I knew I wanted to explore and get out of my comfort zone. I forced myself to make things on the spot, in the moment and not overthink it too much.”

Sucker features the song “Fight,” which appeared on the Star Stuff EP released last year. Ian Sweet’s last LP was 2021’s Show Me How You Disappear.


The Dream-Pop Transcendence of IAN SWEET

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