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Youtuber Logan Paul doubts mixed martial artist, and occasional boxer, Conor McGregor will fight him.

Paul has dabbled in boxing himself, including having an unlikely exhibition with Floyd Mayweather in 2021.

McGregor had a boxing contest against Mayweather, who halted the Irishman in 10 rounds.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul in the ring with Floyd Mayweather

“Maybe, if he has the [courage], I would fight Conor McGregor,” Paul told Sky Sports. “He knows how that would end.

“I’ll try. Conor goes radio silent when I tweet at him and I bring his name up.”

Paul has not committed to boxing in the same way as his brother Jake, who has a professional licence. He does though believe that the eight rounds he had in his exhibition with Mayweather are significant.

“Fighting Floyd Mayweather, he’s the greatest boxer alive. What does that do to your mind?” Paul said. “This would just eat every other person’s brain away.

“You go against Floyd Mayweather, if you live, you’re going to get respect. I definitely think people respected I had the [courage] to get in there.

Logan Paul, Floyd Mayweather
Paul doesn’t expect Conor McGregor to accept a fight with him

“He [Mayweather] guaranteed a knockout,” he continued. “Round eight ends and I think: ‘I just changed my entire life.’ And I did. I knew if I weathered Floyd that night and I was able to stay strong, my whole life would change and it really has.”

Boxing though remains an experiment for Paul.

“I don’t want to be a professional boxer. I have so many interests and passions that I want to pursue. Boxing’s fun. I really like it, I like entertaining,” he explained. “This is an amazing opportunity to entertain a lot of people.

“This is one of the hardest jobs in the world. There are so many things that people just don’t understand and they can’t comprehend, beyond just the insane amount of hard work that people put in to just be a boxer.

“The mental pressure, the [trash]talking, the back and forth. You’ve got to have mental fortitude to do this sport.”

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