Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

CM Punk and The Elite do not get along, but many want to see them collide in the ring. Although Kenny Omega said that fans might see The Elite on Collision, they have stayed off the Saturday night show for the greatest extent. There is still hope that the match will happen.

While the current status of the dynamic between CM Punk and The Elite remains uncertain, a prominent figure within AEW holds the belief that a clash between Punk and Kenny Omega is destined to happen. That huge potential marquee match has not gone done yet.

Mark Henry, who is AEW coach, discussed the highly anticipated ‘dream’ match on the Torg & Elliot show. Henry expressed his conviction that Punk and Omega will inevitably find themselves facing off in an AEW ring, regardless of any ongoing behind-the-scenes developments.

“I want to see it too. It’s just a matter of time. You let things iron themselves out, and you see where things lead to.

“Could you imagine an AEW tournament for the World Title and on one side of the bracket, to go to the finals, you have Kenny Omega and CM Punk meet up against each other? It would be incredible.”

We will have to see what happens in this situation. Nobody is really talking, because a lot of non-disclosure agreements are likely at play. If anything, Mark Henry is still hopeful that he will get to see that match go down.

Kenny Omega and CM Punk could have a banger of a match at this point, and The Elite vs FTR and CM Punk seems like obvious booking. That being said, there are no talks about that ever happening at this point.

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By Sandra Winters

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