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Las Vegas has long been a hotspot for boxing, a city where fighters from around the world converge to hone their skills and chase their dreams.

For Nico Ali Walsh, grandson of the legendary Muhammad Ali, Las Vegas is not only a training ground but also a place where he carries forward his family’s boxing legacy with pride.

In this training camp Ali Walsh has had the opportunity to spar with the likes of Chris Eubank Jr, ahead of the latter’s Sky Sports Box Office fight with Liam Smith on September 2.

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Nico Ali Walsh – the grandson of Muhammad Ali – made a huge statement with this massive knockout win over Alejandro Ibarra in Las Vegas.

He commended Eubank Jr’s aggressive style and drew inspiration from his ability to carve his own path while carrying a famous name. Eubank Jr is of course the son of British boxing icon, Chris Eubank.

“It’s interesting that he goes through similar stuff that I’m going through. He’s making a name for himself,” Ali Walsh told Sky Sports.

“I got to spar with him two times. We’ve done some rounds together and he’s a great guy. I learned a lot from him of course. Chris Eubank Jr, I believe he’s third in the world at middleweight, so he’s looking to make a statement in his next fight and I’m rooting for him.”

Given his iconic family lineage, Ali Walsh is no stranger to the weight of expectations. He noted that his record doesn’t define the pressure he feels. “It’s the name, it’s the expectation, and it’s the legacy,” he explained. “It’s more so me being proud of myself and living up to what I believe is the legacy that I want to live up to.”

Growing up in the shadow of his legendary grandfather, Ali Walsh admitted to initially shying away from that legacy. He shared: “For a long period of time I would not wear anything with my grandfather on it. I wouldn’t even mention my name because it’s Nico Ali Walsh.”

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Flavor Flav was full of praise of his godson Nico Ali Walsh after his big win in Las Vegas against Alejandro Ibarra.

However, he has come to accept that embracing his heritage is an integral part of his journey. “You can’t run from it at all,” he emphasised. “It’s not something you should ever run away from.”

Ali Walsh’s most recent fight against Danny Rosenberger ended as a draw on the night. That result has now been changed to a no contest after Rosenberger failed a drug test.

Ali Walsh felt he deserved to win that bout anyway. “Immediately after the fight, I didn’t believe that it was a draw. I thought I was ahead, but I was surprised that it was a draw. Annoyed, motivated,” he said.

“It’s a learning lesson where you can’t leave certain things in the hands of the judges. It’s growth. That’s the biggest thing.”

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Andy Scott catches up with Nico Ali Walsh after his impressive win over American Alejandro Ibarra at middleweight at the MGM Grand.

Ali Walsh will fight Sona Akale next, in the early hours of Sunday morning live on Sky Sports.

As for his own future he remains eager to fight in the UK, a place where his grandfather had an immense fan base.

“Whether I’m fighting there or visiting there for a fight, I’ve been dying to go to the UK,” he stated with enthusiasm. And while he acknowledges the pressures that come with his name, Ali Walsh remains steadfast in his pursuit of greatness, driven by his own aspirations and the enduring legacy of his family.

Watch Nico Ali Walsh on the Jared Anderson bill live on Sky Sports Arena from 2.30am and Sky Sports Main Event from 3am on Sunday morning

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