Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

WWE didn’t keep a lot of things from NXT UK when they disbanded the brand. The Heritage Cup did make its way to NXT with Noam Dar, and Heatwave saw a stellar match for that prize.

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WWE presented another Heritage Cup match on Heatwave. This match is a bit unique for the company. It consists of British Rounds Rules, where matches are divided into six three-minute rounds, separated by 20-second breaks. To secure victory, a wrestler must win two out of three falls within these rounds, which can be achieved through pinfalls, submissions, or countouts. Once a fall is secured, the current round concludes. If a wrestler accumulates two falls, they win the match. However, if a disqualification or knockout occurs at any point, the match instantly ends without the need for two falls. In cases where all six rounds are completed, the wrestler with the most falls at that point is declared the winner.

Noam Dar really loved being Heritage Cup Champion. He was heartbroken and depressed after losing that beloved cup, so much so that his friends crafted a fake for him to carry around. Now he doesn’t have to fake it anymore.

Noam Dar and Nathan Frazer went all six rounds at NXT Heatwave. In the end, Dar landed a devastating kick, and then he scored the final pinfall to secure the victory.

Noam Dar celebrated in a big way after picking up the Heritage Cup once again. This makes Noam Dar the first 3-time Heritage Cup winner in WWE history.

We will have to see what WWE does with the Heritage Cup in NXT next, but it is certainly nice to see it get a spotlight at Heatwave.

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By Sandra Winters

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