Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Paul Heyman blazed an unforgettable trail in the pro wrestling business. He is regarded as one of the greatest in the business, and he was also never an in-ring competitor. Now, with SummerSlam on the horizon, he is poised to take part in another massive event.

Throughout his career, Paul Heyman has surrounded himself with great people. From the Dangerous Alliance to the Bloodline, Paul Heyman’s success in pro wrestling can not be debated. If you ask him, nobody can compare, either.

While appearing with Roman Reigns on ESPN’s First Take, Paul Heyman was asked by Stephen A Smith how he would rank himself in pro wrestling history. Heyman is obviously one of the greatest of all time, and when Bobby Heenan’s name was mentioned, Paul Heyman had quite a reply.

Screw [Bobby Heenan], he’s dead … and Jimmy Hart’s still alive which means that god doesn’t answer my prayers.

Paul Heyman then asked Stephen A Smith if he needed any more proof that he is the GOAT, to which he simply pointed at Roman Reigns and said: “I’m with him.” Obviously, Paul Heyman has a very high opinion of himself.

This was a very blatant dig at two of pro wrestling’s greatest managers, from the Wise Man himself, and Stephen A Smith was also taken aback by how Paul Heyman rattled off his answer. He was very sure of himself, and that bravado was on full display during their ESPN interview.

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By Sandra Winters

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