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The Blue Beetle movie contains plenty of Easter eggs, pop-culture references, and nods to other movies and video games. Do you want to know how the film hints at the rest of the DC Universe? Let’s find it out.

List of Blue Beetle movie Easter eggs


Shortly after Jaime Reyes’ transformation into Blue Beetle, the young man looks shocked about his ability to fly, mentioning something along the lines that he’s no Superman. And while director Ángel Manuel Soto wanted to pay homage to Zack Synder’s Man of Steel, it seems that is the most evident reference to the previous DC Studios film. Still, it’s clear DC superheroes exist in the Blue Beetle universe (one can only wonder which Superman is the one Jaime is referring to after the events seen in The Flash).


The trailer gave the Batman reference already away with Uncle Rudy calling the Dark Knight a “fascist.” The name of Gotham’s vigilante also pops up during the visit to Ted Kord’s cave, where Jaime compares the former Blue Beetle’s utility belt to one of Bruce Wayne’s gadgets. And speaking of Bruce Wayne, his name is quickly mentioned by the Spanish broadcast when Jaime wakes up after his first tour with the blue exosuit.

Back to the Future trilogy

When Jaime, Jenny, and Uncle Rudy break into the Kord Estate building, Jaime calls Rudy their family’s “Doc Brown,” a clear reference to the Back to the Future trilogy. Like the popular character portrayed by Christopher Lloyd, Uncle Rudy likes to invent funny devices to save the day.

Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, or/and Devil May Cry

During Blue Beetle’s clash with Carapax, Khaji-Da tells the young man she can create whatever weapon he imagines. Showcasing a video gamer background, Jaime thinks of a sword that resembles Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword. While most fans agree it’s a Final Fantasy VII reference, someone might also make a case for Tidus’ Brotherhood from Final Fantasy X or Nero’s Red Queen from Devil May Cry.

Mortal Kombat

During one of the most high-paced clashes in the movie, the titular hero takes on several opponents at once. Right before finishing his last foe, he screams, “Get over here!” Mortal Kombat fans will immediately recognize the homage paid to Scorpion.

Injustice 2

If you watched closely how Blue Beetle moves when he takes on his opponents, you might have noticed some of the combos seen in Injustice 2. NetherRealm Studios’ 2017 fighting game has been a source Soto relied on to bring Blue Beetle to live action.

For more Blue Beetle-related content, check out how to get your hands on the backpack popcorn vessel. Also, here’s whether the upcoming movie is part of the DC Universe.

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