Mon. May 27th, 2024

Talking Heads will regroup at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on Monday, September 11, for a Q&A with Spike Lee, taking place immediately after the premiere of A24’s Stop Making Sense restoration. The re-release celebrates the Jonathan Demme classic’s 40th anniversary (ish—it came out in 1984 after being shot in 1983). Global IMAX theaters will screen the 4K restoration and the Q&A that night, too, followed by a wide IMAX release on September 22 and a full theater release a week later. Watch the official trailer below.

In an interview with People, David Byrne shared more about the film’s restoration and the group’s breakup. “As a younger person, I was not as pleasant to be around. When I was working on some Talking Heads shows, I was more of a little tyrant,” he explained. “And then I learned to relax, and I also learned that collaborating with people, both sides get more if there’s a good relationship instead of me telling everybody what to do.” Speaking to his relationship with his former bandmates today, Byrne said, “We have a cordial relationship now. We’re sort of in touch, but we don’t hang out together.”

Toronto’s Cineplex’s Scotiabank IMAX Theatre will host the Spike Lee Q&A. In addition to the theatrical re-release, Rhino will release the full Stop Making Sense concert on vinyl and digitally for the first time tomorrow (August 18).

Read the 2018 interview “David Byrne on the Music That Made Him.”

By Sandra Winters

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