Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

AEW pulled off a big show in Wembley Stadium for All In London. There are also a lot of places that would love to see AEW bring a big show to their city.

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During the media scrum after AEW All In London, MJF was asked if he would like to see AEW run a big show in Mexico. He stopped the reported right there and said he would “love” to have a show in Aztec Stadium in Mexico City. Then he said he hopes he was able to pressure Tony Khan into saying he’ll do it.

Tony Khan then stated that Aztec Stadium does sound like a great venue for pro wrestling. AEW also has partners that could help them out in Mexico.

“I think he nailed it. I think that’s a great venue. There are so many great venues, I think that’s a great idea [playing Aztec Stadium]. It’s probably something to consider. We’re making so much progress as a company.”

Tony Khan said that playing Aztec Stadium in Mexico City could be a great thing for AEW to do as they keep crossing new landmarks as a company. He also made a point to mention how the company has some big partners in lucha libra wrestling as well.

AEW just completed their first tour outside the United States with their string of shows in Canada. Also, AEW took to the UK as they put on All In London. Next year, they already have Wembley Stadium booked for All In 2.

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