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What would your first reaction be if a zombie apocalypse occurred tomorrow? What would you do to keep yourself safe, or who would be the first person you would try to save? Who is that one person for whom you would be willing to give your life up?

Developed by Frank Darabont, the horror series titled “The Walking Dead” focuses on the zombie apocalypse and the way it will affect humans and their emotions. Produced by Jolly Dale and Caleb Womble, the series follows Rick, a Sheriff Duty waking up from a coma to a zombie apocalypse after getting shot during combat.

the walking dead
Poster Of The Walking Dead [Cedits: AMC]

After waking up from a coma, Rick meets other survivors and becomes their leader, thus guiding them to safety. Based on a comic book of the same title by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard, the horror series stars Andrew Lincon playing the role of Rick Grimes, former sheriff deputy, and the series protagonist.

Jon Bernthal plays the role of Shane Walsh, Rick’s best friend, and partner, Sarah Wayne Callie plays the role of Lori Grimes, Shane’s affair partner, and Laurie Holden plays the role of Andrea.

Jeffery DeMun plays the role of Dale Hovarth, a survivor from Rick’s group. Steven Yeun plays the role of Glenn Rhee, Rick’s savior and former pizza delivery guy, Chandler Riggs plays the role of Carl Grimes, Rick’s son, and Norman Reedus plays the role of Daryl Dixon, prime hunter of the survivor group in the lead cast.

AMC brought the brilliant series for the viewers to enjoy on October 31, 2010, and it proved to be an instant success leading the production to renew the series for 11 seasons. The series has 177 episodes, with episodes running for 41-67 minutes. Overall the horror series has done well amongst the audience.

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Who Is Glenn And Negan?

Glenn, originally Glenn Rhe, is a fictional character from The Walking Dead portrayed by Steven Yeun and voiced by Nick Herman for the video games. Glenn made his first appearance in the horror series in the episode “Days Gone By” and his last appearance in “Rest In Peace.”

The character of Glenn Rhe was created by Robert Kirkman and adapted from Frank Darabont’s The Walking Dead. Glenn is married to Maggie Greene and has a child with her. Glenn is a young man working as a pizza delivery guy from Atlanta before the zombie apocalypse.

Glenn joins Rick’s group of survivors after he gets separated from his family. Glenn is a quick thinker and proves to be resourceful for the team. Glenn serves as the primary supply runner for the team due to his quick-thinking skills. Glenn meets Maggie while the group is moving around the region, looking for a safe place.

the walking dead
Still From The Walking Dead [Credits: AMC]

Initially, Glenn escaped with T-Dog, another survivor, due to his knowledge of Atlanta’s outlet. Glenn, in the second episode, uses his radio to rescue Rick from the group of zombies surrounding the tank and takes him to the group of other survivors. Overall Glenn is a valuable asset for the group of survivors.

Negan, originally Negan Smith, is a fictional character from The Walking Dead portrayed by Jefferey Dean Morgan. Negan made his first appearance in the horror series in the episode “Last Day On Earth” and his last appearance in the episode Issue.

The character was created by Robert Kim and was based on Henry Rollins. Negan works as a gym teacher and the leader of the savior group, under whom Rick and other survivors from his group obey his commands. Negan is married to Annie, and the couple has one child together.

Why Did Negan Kill Glenn?

For everyone excited to know the reason behind Negan’s decision to end Glenn’s life, the reason was nothing but his attempt to make an example to the survivors of Rick’s group. Negan wanted to tell the rest of the survivors indirectly about what would happen to them if they dared to cross him.

Negan ends Glenn’s life by using his Lucille to bash his head. The first victim of Negan was Abraham, to prove to others that he wasn’t scared of anyone, even if they were bigger than him.

Andrew Lincon As Rick [Credits: AMC]

Negan killed Glenn because of the way Darly retaliated when Negan ended Abraham’s life. Negan killing Glenn paved the way for the bigger plotline in the series, and it was far more important to end his life, according to the comic series.

Negan decided to kill Glenn as he served as the emotional support of the group, and his death would ultimately hurt the group. Negan was determined to make Rick’s survivor group suffer emotionally, thus the reason behind him swinging the bat in a way that Glenn’s blood would spurt on Rick’s face.

This led to Maggie stewing and planning revenge on Negan for ending her husband’s life. Negan feels sorry for his action toward Glenn after becoming a father, and he apologizes for his actions to Maggie in the series’ final episode. Maggie refuses to forgive Negan for ending her husband’s life.

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