Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

WWE’s Friday Night Smackdown is set to undergo a temporary shift from its usual broadcasting platform on FOX to FS1 due to scheduling conflicts with Major League Baseball and college football coverage.

The shift is scheduled for the following dates:

Friday, October 27: This shift is planned to accommodate Game 1 of the World Series, an event of significant interest in the sports world.

Friday, November 3: In case Game 6 of the World Series becomes necessary, Smackdown will again be moved to FS1 on this date.

Friday, November 24 (Black Friday): Smackdown will be shifted to FS1 due to FOX’s coverage of the college football game between Oregon State and Oregon.

These temporary shifts in broadcasting aim to prevent overlap between WWE’s Friday Night Smackdown and major sporting events, ensuring that fans can enjoy both forms of entertainment without missing out.

While the show will be on FS1 for these specific dates, it is expected to return to its regular broadcasting on FOX afterward.

How do you feel about WWE’s decision to temporarily shift Friday Night Smackdown to FS1 to avoid scheduling conflicts with major sporting events like the World Series and college football coverage? Do you think this approach benefits both WWE fans and sports enthusiasts by allowing them to enjoy both forms of entertainment without overlap? Leave a comment.

By Sandra Winters

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