Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

The remarkable journey of Tyrus in the wrestling world has reached its conclusion. This past weekend marked the end of both his career and his reign as the NWA Worlds Champion, following his defeat to EC3 at the NWA 75th Anniversary event.

In the headline bout of NWA 75: Night Two, EC3 emerged victorious in a hard-fought bullrope match, claiming the NWA Worlds Championship from Tyrus.

EC3 had rightfully earned his title shot by relinquishing the NWA National Heavyweight Championship. Notably, Tyrus had pledged to retire should he lose the title to EC3, adding extra stakes to the high-stakes showdown.

Tyrus’ reign as the NWA Worlds Champion began at the prestigious Hard Times 3 event in November of the previous year. During a triple-threat match that also featured Matt Cardona and Trevor Murdoch, Tyrus emerged victorious and began his remarkable championship journey. However, from the outset, questions arose regarding the trajectory of Tyrus’ rise, with speculation surrounding his connection to FOX News and the potential influence on NWA President Billy Corgan’s booking decisions.

Billy Corgan has consistently denied any external factors influencing the booking decisions in the promotion. Despite the speculation, Tyrus’ accomplishments and contributions to the wrestling world cannot be understated.

The conclusion of Tyrus’ career and championship reign at the NWA 75th Anniversary event marks a pivotal moment in his journey and adds a significant chapter to the history of the NWA.

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