Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Jade Cargill has established herself as a dominant force in the promotion, showcasing impressive in-ring skills and a commanding presence. Her rapid rise culminated in her being crowned TBS Women’s Champion, which made her a star. That said, it appears she had to tell some thirsty fans to calm down after uploading a recent photo.

Jade’s dominance was especially apparent after winning the TBS Women’s Championship. That said, she ended up dropping the title to Kris Statlander at AEW Double or Nothing and has been absent from AEW television ever since.

While she remains absent from AEW television, Jade Cargill has kept herself busy with a lot of things. Cargill recently took to Twitter and uploaded a few gorgeous photos of herself wearing a shiny silver dress, where she barely showed any skin.

That didn’t stop people from thirsting after the former TBS Women’s Champion. It got so crazy that Jade Cargill had to make another tweet just to tell fans to stop thirsting after her.

Calm down. It’s just my thigh

Despite rumors of her AEW exit, AEW President Tony Khan previously confirmed that she is still part of the roster. AEW is already talking about Jade Cargill’s return as well. We’ll have to see when Cargill will make her return to AEW television.

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By Sandra Winters

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