Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis will fight in October, and there is a lot of attention on that card. KSI will also battle Tommy Fury, but it’s Danis’ online antics that have taken center stage.

Dillon Danis posted a nude photo of Logan Paul’s fiancé, Nina Agdal. He also sparked big rumors of having a romance with her, as he posted a candid photo in bed. That proceeded graphic tounge-kissing photo.

Now, Dillon Danis is taking a shot at Logan Paul’s past. While going off in an unhinged rant on X, Danis brought up The Maverick’s Japanese Suicide Forest controversy, one that Paul has long left behind him, with plenty of other crypto and social media scandals between 2017 and 2023.

I’m fully committed to this fight and have been carrying the whole card’s promotion on my back. The Pauls and I have had beef since forever. Just imagine how you’d feel. Jake attacked my ex, fabricated stories about me impregnating someone, attacked my best friend’s fiancée. Logan ridiculed me for years, attacked Floyd’s wife, filmed a deceased person, scammed millions. KSI went after my mom, the list goes on. Now I finally get to settle our feud, and this whole thing is complete bullshit—we both have a signed contract. This isn’t a tennis match; this is the fight business.

I know a lot of you hate me, but one thing you gotta respect is that I’ve taken every diss from everyone for years. You’ve never seen me block one of you, cry, or crawl into a ball. If you’re gonna talk shit, don’t cry when it comes back—it’s part of the game.

In case you need a refresher, YouTube came down on Logan Paul in a big way over that Japanese Suicide Forest controversy. Paul faced backlash for sharing a video showing a deceased individual in Japan’s notorious suicide-prone forest during his visit. The video was removed, yet it remains accessible on YouTube through other accounts.

YouTube also ended ongoing original projects involving the future WWE Superstar, who was then only known as a YouTuber and social media influencer at the time. Logan Paul’s controversial video, featuring a few frames of a deceased person, was posted on December 31, 2017, so he had quite a start to 2018.

We will have to see how Dillon Danis vs Logan Paul turns out. Danis is certainly giving Logan Paul plenty of reasons to punch him right now, and we’re here for it.

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By Sandra Winters

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