Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

NXT No Mercy is going down in Bakersfield, California, and Noam Dar will not defend the Heritage Cup until again until then, but now we know the rules of the tournament. Now we know the rules of that tournament to determine a new challenger for Dar.

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Noam Dar was able to win the Heritage Cup for the third time at Heatwave. It didn’t take long for them to figure out how they will determine his next opponent with an NXT Global Heritage Invitational tournament. There will be two groups with four Superstars in each group. This will be a round-robin style tournament as well.

During WWE The Bump, they released the rules for this new tournament. Matches in the NXT Global Heritage Invitational will have a twelve-minute time limit. Pinfall or submission will result in two points, and draws get Superstars one point.

The winner of each group will face off on September 26th and then the winner will go on to face Noam Dar at September 30th’s No Mercy event.

If they win the match, then they get two points, but if you just survrive the time limit, then Superstars get one point. This new rule could really shake things up as pro wrestling fans love numbers.

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By Sandra Winters

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